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Areas Of Practice
White Collar Criminal Defense
Because of the continuing growth of scandals in both government and financial institutions, white collar criminal defense has become a popular area of the law for lawyers to hold themselves out as practitioners. Dale Morrison began practicing in the white collar area concerning tax fraud in 1978. Today, white collar crime generally includes most any business crime, including but not limited to:
- Accounting Fraud
- Bank and Financial Fraud
- Bribery
- Conversion and Misappropriation of Money and Personal Property
- Corporate Fraud or Malfeasance
- Counterfeiting
- Embezzlement
- Forgery
- Health Care Fraud
- Insurance Fraud
- Larceny by an Employee
- Medicaid or Medicare Fraud
- Money Laundering
- Mortgage Fraud
- Ponzi Schemes
- Public Official Corruption
- Securities and Investment Fraud
- Tax Fraud/Evasion
- Wire Fraud

White Collar Crime, usually under a claim of fraud, is often prosecuted in civil litigation by the victims against the would-be perpetrators. We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in this form of civil litigation. It is further addressed in the Civil Litigation section of this website

It is important in White Collar Criminal Defense that the client, who believes there is exposure to being charged with a white collar crime, meet and discuss the matter at an early stage with an experienced attorney. Often, early intervention and representation by an attorney can avoid or mitigate the potential criminal exposure to the client. Additionally, where the client believes that he/she is guilty of a crime and will be prosecuted for the crime, both Federal and State Sentencing Guidelines account for a Defendantís cooperation and early admission of wrongdoing. If you have a White Collar Criminal Defense matter in which you believe we can assist you, please contact Dale Morrison at (704) 375-6788.

Typically, meeting early with a client requires an extensive debriefing of the events that cause the clientís concern. This meeting is necessary to understand the potential exposure and to evaluate the best course of action to pursue in order to determine the best defense. It is also very important for the client to be able to discuss openly and with candor the clientís knowledge of facts surrounding any potential or actual charges. It is common for law enforcement investigators to work with a client who has potential or pending charges. If you are concerned about potential liability to criminal charges or have pending criminal charges against you, please call (704) 375-6788 to arrange for a consultation with Dale Morrison without charge

Civil Litigation
Civil Litigation can cover many areas. Today, Dale Morrison largely restricts his Civil Litigation practice to contract issues, business disputes, commercial claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, white collar fraud, personal injury and other similar matters. Presently, all civil litigation in the North Carolina Superior Court and the United States District Courts require the parties before trial to participate in Mediation. The purpose of Mediation is to give the parties with their attorneys a last opportunity to work out their differences through the use of a neutral party. If the Mediation is not successful the parties then proceed to trial. If you have a civil litigation matter which you believe requires legal representation, please contact Dale Morrison at (704) 375-6788.

Contract Issues generally involve an agreement which is in dispute. Often businesses attempt to enforce the contract against a party by specific performance of its terms or to avoid having to perform the terms in a contract. Dale has represented clients in contract disputes involving large sums of money or other valuable property rights. If a contract contains an arbitration clause, the parties may be required to attend and participate in Arbitration in order to resolve the dispute. Dale Morrison has many years arbitration experience, including an arbitration trial which lasted seven (7) weeks.

Business Disputes, Commercial Claims, Shareholder and Partnership Disputes can be related or very distinct. Examples of business disputes include claims involving collection, product defect or non-conformity, loss of key employees by a competitor, wrongful conversion of assets such as customer lists and proprietary information. Other disputes and claims may involve non-competition clauses, conversion of assets, wrongful transfer of assets, or other matters where the claim of misrepresentation or fraud is raised. In these instances, the party bringing the action will usually allege an unfair and deceptive trade practice claim, as well. Over the years, Dale Morrison has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in these types of cases. In partnerships and closely held corporations, including limited liability companies, there are often deadlocks between the owners. Additionally, the proper management and good faith duties of the officers, managers and directors may be important factors to consider. Dale Morrison has provided representation to management of partnerships, closely held corporations and limited liability companies, as well as representation to shareholders, members and partners. Break-ups of business entities such a limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations, require careful consideration of not only the result and effect upon the investments of the owners and the business of the entity, but it entails insuring that fiduciary duties are performed and that the risks, liabilities or exposures are understood before acceptance. If you have a businessl matter and are in need of legal assistance, please contact Dale Morrison at (704) 375-6788.

Civil White Collar Fraud often arises out of a White Collar Criminal case. Victims often seek to recover their losses caused by the alleged Defendants. Dale Morrison has experience representing both victims and Defendants on many occasions. White Collar Fraud cases are often not accepted by criminal prosecutors and can only be pursued by the Plaintiff victim through civil litigation. These cases tend to be difficult and require extensive time and effort in either prosecuting or defending. Areas such as conversion of estate assets, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, misrepresentation, mortgage fraud, conversion of money, personal property or other assets are examples of civil white collar litigation. If you have a matter concerning White Collar Fraud, please contact Dale Morrison at (704) 375-6788.

Personal Injury. Dale Morrison accepts cases concerning automobile accidents and other serious personal injuries. Generally, personal injury is caused by the negligence of another. If you believe that you have suffered serious personal injury as a result of the omissions or wrongful conduct of another, please contact Dale Morrison at (704) 375-6788 for a free consultation.

Estate and Trust Litigation
Estate and Trust Litigation is a rapidly growing area of the law due to our aging population. The competence of the Testator/Testatrix or Grantor of the Will or Trust is often disputed. Undue influence is often raised as a reason that a Will was changed. Examples of such a change can include, removing one or more beneficiaries or adding one or more beneficiaries shortly before the death of the Testator/Testatrix or Grantor. The attack upon a Will is referred to as a caveat of the Will. Dale Morrison has been involved in Will Caveats as well as other disputes and litigation involving Wills and Trusts. Other examples of Wills and Trusts issues include the intentional waste of estate assets, loss or destruction of a Will or Trust instrument, the questionable competence of the Testator or Grantor, or breach of fiduciary duties. Dale Morrison has many years of experience in representing clients in estate and trust matters. If you have an Estate, Will or Trust issue, please contact Dale Morrison at (704) 375-6788.

Business and Corporate Transactions
Dale Morrison has drawn numerous contracts, Bills of Sale, Corporate Charters, Organizational Minutes, Articles of Organization, Bylaws, Shareholders and Board of Directors Minutes/Resolutions, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements and other documents associated in the formation and continuation of business entities. In addition, Dale Morrison will review business and transactional documents for clients including but not limited to buy/sell agreements, employment contracts, options to purchase, leases and other business instruments that will effect the obligations, duties, rights and remedies of his clients. Dale will form and advise new partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. Dale has found that the experience he gained in performing business/corporate work transcends to a broader understanding of his trial practice. In turn, his trial practice keeps him alert and well informed as to issues that may arise in the drafting or reviewing business, corporate and legal documents. © 2009